Your child’s journey is about to turn for the better.

Together, we will move from uncertainty to solution. Attorney Betty F. Toussaint started Toussaint Law so that children like yours can receive the justice they deserve and the help they need. You and your child will not only be case numbers with our firm. You will become a member of our family of clients for whom we pursue solutions in the following areas:

Education (includes Special Education)

School Disciplinary Hearings (Primary/Secondary)

Civil/Domestic Child Custody

Child Personal Injury

Juvenile Criminal Defense

Disability Discrimination

Our firm is unique in that we join the sharp skills of the legal profession to address your child’s legal needs with the passion for youth ministry in efforts to understand the root issues lying beneath the surface of your child’s legal problem.  The law only addresses a part of a problem; therefore, our firm takes a holistic approach to our legal advocacy on behalf of our clients.  In addition to representing you in your child’s legal matter, our firm will connect you with resources and professionals to help you address the other parts of your child’s being, including the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical dimensions.

Browse our site to learn more about how our firm can help you and your child. Then call us so we can journey together down this path towards justice and wholeness.


Betty F. Toussaint, Esq.