Our Philosophy

Justice is not the end result, it is a step along the path to wholeness.

At Toussaint Law, we do not stop at justice or wholeness; we never stop. Our clients and our firm maintain an eternal connection. We view the people that we meet through our firm as more than just clients; we see them as family. We believe that we were called to pull young people out of whatever it is that is binding them.  To prepare them for the brightest future possible, we address their legal needs as well as those areas that will restore them to a sense of wholeness.  

What is Wholeness?

Toussaint Law is founded on a holistic approach to youth defense and advocacy operating on the values of love, mutual respect, justice, humility, and kindness.  Our firm aims to help parents and children achieve wholeness beyond justice by:

  • Providing a family-friendly atmosphere that encourages openness and promotes healing
  • Developing ongoing relationships that do not end once the case is closed but continue indefinitely, like a family
  • Providing support for parents through support groups and social events
  • Arranging individual, family and group counseling
  • Providing information about resources to address the spiritual, emotional and/or physical wounds the children are experiencing
  • Linking clients to providers and other organizations that can help them heal in the areas that are beyond our firm’s scope
  • Educating parents and children on their rights and the justice to which they are entitled
  • Providing seminars and workshops that teach parenting skills, stress management, healthy habits and other life skills